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Moderator - Robert Norris 

 Selectboard 3 Yrs  - Nicholas Norris

 Selectboard 2 Yrs - David Peloubet

 Delinquent Tax Collector - Kimberlee Dufresne

 Lister 3 Yrs - DiAnne Crane

 Library Trustee 5 Yrs - Hillary Weed

 Library Trustee 2 Yrs - Olivia Domingue


 Shall the voters authorize total highway fund and general fund expenditures of $1,469,148 of which $1,067,929 shall be raised by taxes?

   Yes 147         No  52       Blank 5


Shall elected Town Officers, who are not full time employees of the Town be compensated for their services to the Town at the rate of $18/hr?

   Yes  121          No  78         Blank  5


Shall the voters authorize the Town Treasurer to collect current taxes?

   Yes  186        No  10       Blank  8


Should the Selectboard open those town highways not otherwise open under state law to use by ATV's?  

   Yes   123     No  78     Blank  3


Shall the voters approve the designation of Town owned land located on Sweet Hollow Rd as a Sheldon Town Forest?

Yes  171    No  30   Blank  3


Annual School Australian Ballot Results

Moderator - Loren Doe

Clerk 1 Yr - Emily Fecteau

School Director 3 Yr (Berkshire) - Lisa Hango

School Director 3 Yr (Montgomery) - Katherine Barnard

School Director 3 Yr (Sheldon) - Emily Norris


Shall the voters of the District approve the school board to expend $17,782,880, which is the amount the school board has determined to be necessary for the ensuing fiscal year?

  Yes   109    No  90


Shall the voters of the District authorize the Board of Directors to borrow money not in excess of anticipated revenue for the school year?

  Yes   143   No  56


Shall the voters of the District establish the second Wednesday before Town Meeting Day as the annual meeting day, with Australian Balloting to occur on Town Meeting Day?

  Yes  167     No  31