Highway Department Road Crew


Highway Department


Open until filled

Duties and Responsibilities:

Road Crew duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Operate dump truck in a wide variety of highway maintenance tasks including spreading sand and salt, plowing snow, etc.
  • Perform light to heavy manual labor as required.
  • Perform maintenance to equipment, check equipment to make sure all safety mechanisms are in proper operating condition.
  • Gather materials and equipment required to complete jobs.
  • Operate equipment and/or tools as needed to function with a job site work team or to otherwise complete daily work.
  • Participate in administrative requirements of Road Crew, including timesheets, work logs, vehicle logs, etc.
  • Comply with all Town personnel policies, and State and Federal regulations.
  • Follow directions regarding proper safety procedures.
  • Comply with crew drug testing requirements.
  • Performs such other work as deemed necessary by the Road Foreman or their designee.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Commercial Driver’s License, Class B, with proper endorsements
  • Ability to perform routine service and maintenance of Town Highway Department equipment;
  • Ability to deal with the general public in a positive and civil manner;
  • Ability to communicate well, and to work well with others; and,
  • Ability to withstand exposure to varying weather conditions and exertion of significant physical effort.
  • Ability to be available at the Town Garage within 20 minutes when needed by the Road Foreman.

Desirable Training and Experience:

  • Possess public works or related construction work experience;
  • Knowledge of road construction and maintenance, culvert installation, etc.;
  • Experience driving trucks, plowing snow and operating heavy equipment;
  • Knowledge of highway maintenance practices and road repair techniques in all weather conditions;
  • Knowledge of paving and paving materials and practices, drainage and culvert construction;
  • Knowledge of safe gravel pit practices;

More Information:

Questions? Contact the town administrator at (802) 933-2524 ext 205 or email townadmin@sheldonvt.com