Notice is hereby given to the residents of the Town of Sheldon, Vermont that the Sheldon Planning Commission will hold a hearing on June 25, 2024 at 6 PM at the Sheldon Town Office, 1640 Main Street Sheldon, VT 05483 to consider for adoption the following Sheldon Town Plan pursuant to Chapter 117 of Title 24, Section 4387 and 4384, Vermont Statutes Annotated.

According to Title 24 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, Municipal Plans must be readopted every eight years or they will expire. This plan update contains data, text and map updates for all chapters, as well as rewritten Housing and Community Profile chapters. The purpose of this hearing is to receive and discuss public comment on the Sheldon Town Plan.

The Sheldon Town Plan consists of 14 chapters: Vision; Introduction; Summary of Goals and Policies; Community Profile; Archeological, Historic & Scenic Resources; Community Facilities; Community Services; Community Utilities; Economy; Education; Energy; Housing; Land Use; Environment and Natural Resources; Transportation; Flood Resiliency; Compatibility with Neighboring Towns; and Implementation. These chapters are consistent with the 14 goals established in Chapter 117, Section 4302.

A full version of the plan is available for viewing at the Sheldon Town Office and on the Town website (