State Legislators 2023-2024

Franklin District State Senators

Randy Brock (R-Swanton)

Robert Norris (R-Sheldon)

Franklin-4 District State Representatives

Thomas Oliver (R-Sheldon)

Matthew Walker (R-Swanton)


Town of Sheldon Elected Officers 2024-2025

Robert Norris Term Expires 2025
Town Clerk & Treasurer 
Kimberlee Dufresne Term Expires 2025
Seth Hungerford, Vice Chair Term Expires 2025
Richard Piascezny Term Expires 2026
(Vacant) Term Expires 2026
Stephen Dodd, Chair Term Expires 2027
Nicholas Norris, Secretary Term Expires 2027
Library Trustees 
Maria Davison Term Expires 2025
Lindsay Dunlavey Term Expires 2027
Olivia Domingue Term Expires 2028
John Stryker Term Expires 2029
Jane Lanza  Term Expires 2025
Delinquent Tax Collector 
Kimberlee Dufresne Term Expires 2025
Justices of the Peace  All Terms Expire 2025
Susan Brooks Deborah Kittell
(Vacant) Patricia Lavalley
Stephen Dodd Brant Newton
Shannon Kane Gregory Stebbins
Board of Civil Authority
Town Clerk, Selectboard, and Justices of the Peace

Northern Mountain Valley Union United School District

Sheldon School Directors

Miranda Johnson Term Expires 2026
Emily Norris Term Expires 2027

Town of Sheldon Appointed Officers 2024-2025

Town Administrator
Matthew Stebbins
Zoning Administrator
Michael Johnston
Justin Mason
Valerie Clark
Animal Control Officer
Cody Bombardier
Road Foreman
Seth Kittell
Water & Wastewater Operator
Hubert Spaulding
Civil Defense & Town Health Officer
Richard Piascezny
Planning Commission  
Susan Brooks Term Expires 2024
Jeffrey Kane Term Expires 2024
(Vacant) Term Expires 2028
Hillary Weed Term Expires 2024
Nancy West Snyder, Chair Term Expires 2024
Development Review Board  
Susan Brooks Term Expires 2025
Jeffrey Kane Term Expires 2024
Pierre Parent Term Expires 2028
Hillary Weed Term Expires 2024
Nancy West Snyder Term Expires 2024
Peter West, Chair Term Expires 2024